Vale Beryl Gleeson MSS

Older smiling woman Beryl Gleeson

It is with deep sadness that we share the news that Beryl Gleeson MSS died on Monday 19 June, aged 88 years. We extend our condolences to Beryl’s family and friends, and to our community of women who are mourning the loss of this wonderful woman.

The funeral for Beryl was held on Tuesday 27 June 2023, at St Anthony’s Catholic Church, 3 Memory Street, Toowoomba, Queensland. A replay of the funeral can be seen here.

A little about Beryl

Beryl Gleeson was born in Blackall, Queensland. She worked for the government in Brisbane for 8-plus years and spent 4 years overseas working and seeing the sights. Then Beryl joined the Northern Territory Police Force for 3.5 years after which she spent three years as a lay missionary on Bathurst Island.

In 1969, Beryl joined the MSS, aged nearly 35. Since her time of entry to the MSS she has missioned to people throughout all the eastern states and South Australia. For almost 20 years Beryl worked with Indigenous people in northern Queensland, and assisted refugees and asylum seekers in Toowoomba for the past 15 years to settle in Australia. Having always been keen on painting, she enjoyed spending time doing watercolours, oils and acrylic paintings.

There is a full reflection about Beryl on our website, here.

Rest in peace, Beryl.