Missionary Sisters of Service

A mission of love and service into the highways and byways.

A Mission of Love and Service

We, the Missionary Sisters of Service, are a community of women called in the Spirit to share life with one another and with people wherever we are. We are sent to bring the Good News into the Highways and Byways. We commit ourselves to pastoral service, enabling others as well as ourselves, to be transformed by the power of the Gospel.

Our Sisters

Our women have come from all walks of life and from across Australia, New Zealand and Singapore. We share the common desire to be a living presence of God’s love and friendship in the world, particularly for those who are marginalised.

First Peoples

We stand with all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples in their struggles to achieve a First Nations Voice to Parliament enshrined in the Constitution and a Makarrata Commission to supervise treaty processes and truth-telling.

News & Events

MSS celebrate 50 years of service in Port Pirie Diocese

The Missionary Sisters of Service celebrated the 50-year anniversary of its foundation in the Diocese of Port Pirie, South Australia, with a special Thanksgiving Mass on Saturday 29th May. The Bishop of Port Pirie Diocese, Bishop Karol Kulczycki...

Catholic Religious call on government to prioritise people over the economy

Catholic Religious Australia (CRA), of which the Missionary Sisters of Service is a member, has urged the federal government to make changes to its ‘Immigration’ and ‘Humanitarian and Refugee’ Programs in a recent submission. CRA is calling for the...

Bringing life and love to the world

Note: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander visitors to this website are advised that this post may contain images of deceased persons. . Over Mother's Day weekend, a number of brief reflections were posted online by Melbourne Catholics, recounting...

Highways and Byways mission entity funds 43 rural projects in 2021

Our mission entity, Highways and Byways - A Community of Service ('Highways and Byways'), supports people and communities, particularly those experiencing disadvantage and exclusion in rural Australia. Highways and Byways does this through its...

Call for enshrinement of Indigenous Voice in Australian Constitution

The Missionary Sisters of Service endorses the submission made by Catholic Religious Australia (CRA) to the Indigenous Voice Co-Design Process supporting the Uluru Statement from the Heart’s request for an Indigenous Voice that is protected in the...

Get up to date with our April 2021 newsletter

We are excited that our April 2021 MSS and Highways and Byways - A Community of service newsletter is now available for reading. The April edition of Highways and Byways features an array of inspiring and uplifting stories about the important and...

Our History

We, the Missionary Sisters of Service, were founded in 1944 in Tasmania, by a young visionary priest, Fr John Corcoran Wallis. Six courageous pioneering women, Alice Carroll, Joyce O’Brien, Gwen Morse, Kath Moore, Valerie Casey and Agnes Ryan, were the first to say ‘yes’ to this new Spirit-filled adventure.

Books For Sale

We have a range of books for sale that delve into the story of our founder, Fr John Wallis, and the history and story of our congregation. Proceeds from the book sales go toward the missionary and outreach work of our congregation.

Dear Mother Dear Father Letters Home from John Corcoran Wallis 1927-1949

Author: Bernadette T. Wallis 

This latest book contains a series of letters written between 1927-1949 by Fr John Wallis to his parents and family, which give us a rare and precious insight into his life as a seminarian and young priest.

Food for the Highways and Byways: Celebrating 75 Years of the Missionary Sisters of Services

This commemorative cookbook celebrates 75 years of the Missionary Sisters of Service in 2019 and brings together an array of recipes, stories, historical information and photos.

The Silent Book – A Deaf Family and the Disappearing Australian-Irish Sign Language

Author: Bernadette T. Wallis 

In this book, Bernadette Wallis MSS tells the life story of her Deaf parents from different parts of Victoria, including their Deaf education in the Catholic system and how the Australian-Irish Sign language was brought into Australia through the Dominican sisters.

Around the Kitchen Table with the Missionary Sisters of Service

Author: Penelope Edman

In this book, Penny Edman provides a detailed portrait of the spirit and heart of the Missionary Sisters of Service, a Tasmanian-bred, Australian-grown congregation of religious women.


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