10-year anniversary of commencement of The John Wallis Foundation

Two women holding microphones speaking to each other.

On 10 June 2020, the Missionary Sisters of Service marked the 10th anniversary of the commencement of The John Wallis Foundation, which was our initial mission entity, before we changed its structure and created our new Highways and Byways – A Community of Service in 2019.

Back in 2010, our congregation’s leadership team, Stancea Vichie MSS and Bernadette Wallis MSS, signed off on this new venture having met a number of times prior to this occasion with members of an Advisory Group. Our congregational leader, Stancea Vichie and Chairperson of Highways and Byways – A Community of Service, Marg Casey, recently wrote to those members – the inaugural Board Members. The message shared with those members echo how we feel about all who have been with us on this journey.

“We wish to acknowledge and thank you for your courage and contribution at the time, so that now 10 years later we have an amazing not-for-profit organisation that has grown and developed because of your initial vision and work. We stand on the shoulders of those who began this good work and who helped to shape what is now Highways and Byways – A Community of Service. As Fr John Wallis would say in blessing and thanks, May Mary’s mantle shield you, may the grace of God be yours.”

Thank you again to all who have been part of our journey, and who continue to journey with us.

Read the letter, here.

The feature photo was taken at a high tea fundraiser for The John Wallis Foundation in November 2018. It shows guest speaker Dr Kirsty Gusmao-Sword AO, Chair of Fundasaun Alola (left) and our congregational leader, Stancea Vichie MSS (right). Photo courtesy Fiona Basile.