MSS celebrate 60-year anniversary of foundation in Toowoomba

Five Toowoomba Missionary Sisters of Service

Not only do we celebrate the 80-year anniversary of foundation of the MSS in Australia in 2024; we also celebrate the 60-year anniversary of foundation of our sisters in the Catholic Diocese of Toowoomba, Queensland. Pat Quinn MSS recently penned a beautiful reflection in Horizons Magazine, the official journal of the Diocese of Toowoomba. Neville Hunt, a long-time friend of our community of women, also shared his reflections of encountering the sisters in Western Queensland.

We’re grateful to Horizons Magazine for this beautiful coverage, and for the wonderful photograph of our sisters living in Toowoomba (on the left). From left, they are Mary Cleary, Nancy Doyle, Cecilia Bailey, Pat Quinn and Margaret Windsham MSS. The second photo on the right shows our foundation sisters in 1964, from left: Fran O’Brien, Cecilia Bailey, Joan Shannon, Pat Quinn and Julianne Dunn MSS. This photo is from the MSS archives.

You can read these two reflections online via the Catholic Diocese of Toowoomba website, here.

Two page spread of Horizons magazine Toowoomba Diocese