Profound experience at historic Indigenous theological conference

Older and younger woman side by side

The University of Divinity recently hosted a historic four-day journey at the Raising Our Tribal Voice for Justice: An Indigenous Theological Revolution conference. Congregational leader, Stancea Vichie MSS, Bernadette Wallis MSS and Geraldine Vytilingam, the recipient of the 2023-2024 Fr John Wallis Scholarship attended.

Held on the lands of the Wurundjeri and Bunurong people of the Kulin Nation, this event brought Indigenous Church leaders and theologians together on a national platform, where they delved into the Indigenous theological perspective of spirituality, colonisation, justice, repatriation, Country, and ecology. The spotlight was on perspective on Australia’s colonial oppression, with a critical examination of the role of the Australian Churches. ‘This was a deeply profound experience,’ said Bernadette Wallis. 

Photograph of Stancea Vichie MSS and Geraldine Vytilingam courtesy Chris Kapa, University of Divinity, School of Indigenous Studies.