Graced Beyond Telling, a book by Corrie van den Bosch MSS

Cover of book with words Graced Beyond Telling

We are so excited to share the news that Corrie van den Bosch MSS has written a beautiful book titled, Graced Beyond Telling – A Soul’s Dark Journey. Published by Coventry Press, this book tells the story of Corrie’s growing up in life, in faith, and self-discovery. It is a story of finding inner peace, inner meaning, and inner acceptance of the person God intended her to be be.

The book launch will take place on Thursday, 15th February, 7pm-8.30pm at St Thomas the Apostle School hall, Blackburn, Victoria. Find out more and register for the launch, here.

Download the book launch flyer, here.

Graced Beyond Telling is about a growing awareness of God’s presence in her life, bringing wonder, trust and peace. A story of searching, occasional and deep confusion, times of abandonment, vulnerability and a growing sense of God’s Spirit at work in Corrie’s life and her ministry. It is an account of Corrie’s ‘yes’ to the presence and purposes of God in her life, purposes that shaped her world and life even before her life began. Ultimately, it is a story of grace at work in the ordinary everyday of Corrie’s life.

In a sense, too, it is the story of everyone’s journey in faith – unknowing, trusting, discovering, letting go. A journey of accepting that our lives are part of a cosmos infinitely larger than ourselves and a gradual making sense of that mystery and accepting it in faith.

Speaking of the book, Madeline Duckett rsm says:

Graced Beyond Telling is a love story of great depth, beauty and honesty as Corrie shares both the outer and inner journey of her life and call. …It holds together light and darkness, dislocation and connection, adventure and ordinariness, pain and delight, wonder and struggle. Laced through these paradoxes is a resilience of spirit and a profound openness of heart to a God who is always present – even in seeming absence.”

Graced Beyond Telling can be purchased here. The cost is AUD $27.95 plus postage.

For more information, contact Corrie van den Bosch MSS.