Congratulations to award recipient Lorraine Groves MSS

Archbishop and older woman standing side by side Lorraine Groves

Congratulations to Lorraine Groves MSS, who was awarded the Guildford Young Medal for Service to Community in Tasmania in November 2023. Lorraine was among a group of nine people who were awarded the Guilford Young Medal at St Mary’s Catholic Cathedral in Hobart, Tasmania, last month. The award recognises those who have made a substantial contribution to the mission of the Church in Tasmania.

On his Facebook post, Archbishop of Hobart, Julian Porteous said of the recipients: ‘Our parishes and the Archdiocese of Hobart as a whole are able to fulfil our mission because people willingly use their gifts for the upbuilding of the parish or the archdiocese. Content to offer their time and talents for the common good, and willing to give freely of themselves, assisting where they have seen a need, they have served quietly, steadily and happily, seeking no recognition or thanks.’

Congratulations Lorraine! We all rejoice with you and thank you for your faithful commitment to so many people over many years, especially as you have so often reached out to the most forgotten people. Our good wishes go with you for the years ahead.

Photos courtesy Archdiocese of Hobart