April newsletter out now

Collage of people in nature and headshots

We’re pleased to share with you our latest Highways and Byways – Healing the Land, Healing Ourselves, Together¬†and Missionary Sisters of Service newsletter. Again, we’re diversifying our distribution methods with there being both an online eNewsletter, and a downloadable PDF.

Both feature the latest news from Highways and Byways’ small grants projects, highlighting a number of inspiring groups from across Australia who are using funds from our mission entity to build community, inclusion and to protect and nurture the environment. We take you to a project in Broulee, in NSW, where Lynn Bain and a group of volunteers are restoring native vegetation (impacted by fires) to its pre-fire environment. Then there’s Tabatha Badger, whose work takes her to the magnificent Pedder Impoundment in Tasmania and the halls of Parliament House in Canberra. Tabatha is involved in the restoration of the original World Heritage Listed Lake Pedder, which saw more than 40 Australians from as far away as Queensland travel to Tasmania recently to join the Bioblitz, organised by Lake Pedder Restoration Inc. There are so many more inspiring stories like this that have to be read, to truly understand the fantastic work being done by so many in our community, with the support of Highways and Byways funding.

From our community of women, you’ll see stories about our inaugural Fr John Wallis Scholarship, which was awarded to 23-year-old Geraldine Vytilingam; we voice our support for an Indigenous Voice to Parliament; we welcome new support staff for our women through Emerging Futures Collaborative Limited; and Marcia McMahon puts pen to paper, to share a reflection about her life as a Missionary Sister of Service. And don’t forget to click through to see a range of video reflections from our sisters sharing on a number of questions posed to them. The questions include: What drew you to the MSS? What has been the main expressions of your mission? And, how someone would know in the future that our mission entity, Highways and Byways, is carrying on the vision and spirit of the MSS?

Grab a cuppa, get cosy, and enjoy the read, and viewing. We’re so grateful to all who helped put the newsletter together so that you can keep up to date with our latest happenings and stories.