Lorraine Groves MSS shares some of her Principles of Life

Kath Frances Corrie and Lorraine - four older women in a row

Over the past 12 months, we MSS have been documenting our stories and reflections on video, as a way of keeping our thoughts and memories, and spirit alive. We’ve reflected on the following questions: (1) What drew you to the MSS? (2) What has been the main expression of your mission? and (3) How would someone in the future know that Highways and Byways – Healing the Land, Healing Ourselves, Together is carrying on the vision and spirit of the MSS?

So far we’ve shared reflections by our Melbourne sisters, Stancea Vichie MSS (congregational leader), Bernadette Wallis MSS, Marcia McMahon MSS, Kath Clune MSS, Pat Brain MSS, Corrie van den Bosch MSS, Bernadette Madden MSS and Betty McManus MSS. We’ve recored our sisters in Hobart, Tasmania, and Toowoomba, Queensland, and are currently in the editing phase of those videos. We also aim to visit Cheryl Thomson MSS in Whyalla, SA, to record and include her reflections to each of these questions.

While in Hobart, Tasmania, Lorraine Groves MSS, also shared some of her ‘Principles of Life’. In this short video, Lorraine takes us through some of the things she’s learnt since being an MSS, and has gone on to apply in her life. From ‘never asking anything for herself’ and building community, to sharing what she has and never refusing a cup of tea, these are practical tips that we can each take on board.

Thanks, Lorraine!

Photo above and recording by Fiona Basile. The photo above features (from left) Kath Clune MSS, Frances McShane MSS, Corrie van den Bosch MSS and Lorraine Groves MSS, following the filming in Hobart, Tasmania.