The Highways & Byways, and MSS August newsletter is out now!


The August 2020 newsletter from our mission entity Highways and Byways РA Community of Service is out now! It features detailed information on some of the projects that have been funded in rural and regional areas of Australia, through its 2020 Small Grants Program. To see the full list of funded programs in 2020, click here.

There is also information about the ‘Food for the Highways and Byways Fundraising dinner’ events, which aim to raise funds for its 2021 Small Grants Program. It only takes a small (or large) family/ friend gathering, with donations of choice made for participating. Find out more, here.

In each edition of the Highways and Byways newsletter, there is always a section from our community of women, detailing our latest news and any upcoming events. The August newsletter features an article on how grateful we are for our new website, for its ability to provide a platform for our latest news, upcoming events, and spiritual reflections, as well as a section on our Sisters and Fr John.

We are also grateful to our online Facebook community, for the regular comments and interaction! It’s certainly a different way of ‘doing mission’ but as always, we remain open to adapting and responding to the signs of the times. During these COVID times, this online presence and engagement is particularly important, and much appreciated! We encourage you to keep those comments coming.

Our section of the newsletter also features a beautiful reflection by Maureen Hickling MSS, where she shares her love for, and care of Creation.

Read the full newsletter, here.