MSS Consultations: Our Mission in Today’s Context

Two elderly women speaking to each other

We look forward to when we can gather again…

Each year our community of women gather in their various home states to take part in our “Consultation” series. Invited colleagues and friends of our community are also invited to join us for a day of conversation, dreaming, and planning, so that together we can reflect on the direction of the mission in the context of today’s world.

At our Consultation gathering in Melbourne, which took place on 22 August 2019, we were joined by staff and board members from our mission entity Highways and Byways – A Community of Service. Executive Officer of Highways and Byways, Liz McAloon, shared the many inspiring and practical ways in which the entity is assisting communities, mostly in rural and regional parts of Australia, to grow and connect through its small grants program.

The entity continues the work of the John Wallis Foundation, which was set up by the MSS in 2010. It is our way of continuing our legacy of ‘going out into the highways and byways’ of Australia and beyond, providing practical support to those on the margins.

Stancea Vichie MSS, congregational leader said, “It was a wonderful day of sharing and reflecting over the past 12 months, recalling what we’ve achieved so far, and calling to mind our hopes and dreams for the next 12 months.”

“We look forward to sharing this journey with as many of you as possible, and acknowledge the wonderful addition of social media to our communications, which has allowed us to reach so many people!”.

“We wouldn’t be who we are without the many people we’ve encountered in our journey, and the land that we walk upon each day.”