The experience of God’s unconditional love is at the heart of the mission of Jesus Christ. This is the mission shared by the Missionary Sisters of Service.

Highways and Byways Logo 2018

The Good News Christ proclaimed offers hope for a broken world.  It offers the world a vision of a human and Earth community in which all beings can flourish in justice, love and peace.

We, Missionary Sisters of Service, participate in this mission with a pastoral approach.  We have a deep respect for the dignity of every person.

Collaborating with people of different cultures and religious traditions, we bring the warmth of human friendship to our interactions with people.  In our concern for all, we have a particular care for people and communities on the margins, and together with them, engage in life-giving relationships and activities.

Though our Sisters are ageing, and our capacity for active involvement is diminishing, our spirit of mission and passion for people remains vibrant.  To enable  the mission to continue beyond our life-span, we have established Highways and Byways – a Community of Service.   

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