Latest Highways and Byways, and MSS newsletter out now

Highways and Byways newsletter title with photo of old country homestead with people walking on verandah

Our latest combined newsletter with Highways and Byways – A Community of Service, is out now! Highways and Byways – A Community of Service is our mission organisation that aims to strengthen communities, and support people experiencing hardship and disadvantage especially in rural Australia. We enjoy collating these newsletters to keep you up to date with our latest news and events, and to share lots of colourful photographs!

“In these strange new times during which many people have already suffered through fires, drought, floods and much devastation of our natural environment and wildlife, we continue to adapt to living through a pandemic. We hope you are able to stay well, look out for each other and support those amongst us who are most vulnerable,” writes Liz McAloon, Executive Officer of Highways and Byways – A Community of Service. Of course we echo Liz’s sentiments!

The newsletter highlights the ways in which life and work in rural communities go on and features a number of inspiring grant stories (from pre-Corona virus days), which show the wonderful impacts a small amount of funding can have in a community. Of particular note is the launch of the ‘Seeds of Connection’ program in Roma, Queensland. This is the first longer-term program of community support for Highways and Byways – A Community of Service, which sees a new partnership formed with Megan Brown of Changra Yoga and Wellbeing, in Roma (with program mentoring and support from Jen Coggan of Injune).

In other Highways and Byways news, the annual John Wallis Memorial Lecture was held in Toowoomba on International Women’s Day, Sunday 8th March. Lindy Chamberlain-Creighton was guest speaker to an audience of 300-plus. Titled, A Personal Journey of Faith, Lindy emphasised the power we each own to address life’s challenges. She spoke passionately of the power of forgiveness and of her deep, sustaining faith.

Within our MSS community, we’ve been celebrating the launch of Bernadette Wallis MSS’ new book Dear Mother Dear Father: Letters Home from Father John Corcoran Wallis 1927 – 1949. A number of launches had taken place (before the pandemic restrictions came into place), including in Yea, country Victoria, where Fr John Wallis was born. Fr John was our founder, and has a special place in our hearts, as well as in the hearts of many locals. It was wonderful to reconnect with John’s early years at this special launch in Yea, followed by a special ‘Heritage Trail’ led by Bernadette Wallis (John’s niece) around the area.

Our newsletter has so many wonderful photos from the various launch celebrations. We also share news and photos from a number of national conferences that our women have attending in Melbourne and Sydney. It’s important that we attend such gatherings to keep up to date with latest news, particularly in the areas of service and protecting some of our most vulnerable communities members.

Be sure to have a look at the newsletter. And while you’re online, feel free to have a look at the other pages of our new website. We hope you find our web pages informative and nourishing.

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